A local manufacturer of insect repellant contacted Nelson Brothers & Strom for help fabricating some labeling gauges to assist the line mechanics in setting the proper distance between the can & label and to make it repeatable. They had one small request, that the gauge measurement could not vary more that 1,000 of an inch when rotated 20 times in each direction. NB&S always likes a challenge and accepted the manufacturing project.

We worked with the manufacturer and their mechanics to completely understand what the devices were required to do and how they would be used. The trice was to find a bearing that could operate and hold the concentricity while being rotated. Being a machine shop with many pieces of CNC machining centers, we knew the answer was right in front of us. Why not utilize the same bearing technology that existed in our own machines holding the machine ball screws in place?

The precise digital indicators were purchased along with precision bearings and then the gauges were built. After they were completed and preliminary tests were done, NB&S asked their customer to come in and do their Gage R&R tests. All gauges were run through the tests and none of them varied more than .0005″ of an inch. The mechanics were trained on how to operate the gauges and this local insect repellant manufacturer is now utilizing them and has lowered the rejection rate on cans with any label issue.

The customer was thankful because he thought it could not be done. Mission accomplished once again!

Manufacturing project

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