Nelson Bros. & Strom Co. is honored to have received a $10,000 business grant from the City of Racine Seed Capital Program (RCEDC). The RCEDC connects communities, facilitates jobs and grows businesses through loans, grants and equity investments in the Racine area.

Since our 25-year relationship began with the RCEDC, they have supported our growth as an organization. Through this grant from the RCEDC, we will be able to purchase new equipment for our business. This will allow us to continue to provide flexible services to our customers with the goal of increasing our employee base in Racine.

Nelson Bros. & Strom Co. has long been considered a quick-turnaround machine job shop specializing in large, difficult, or one-of-a-kind parts. With the new equipment purchased through this grant, we can begin to pursue the market of high speed machining. This allows us to be competitive in our bids for the high speed machining of aluminum components and packaging equipment.

Nelson Bros Business Grant

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