Every year you have to replace the seal on your cooling tower cover due to chronic leaking. Why can’t the OEM manufacturer design it right?

We see this scenario time and time again and that is why we created Partsrus: Any Part, Any Size, Any Time. Nelson Brothers & Strom is your OEM replacement part specialist that can recreate, replace, or improve your failing part.

That’s what our mechanical contractor customer did when he was called to fix their customers leaking cooling tower cover. They have used NB&S in the past for quick replacement shafts for heating and cooling equipment and knew we could always come up with a solution. After reviewing the cause of the leaking and understanding the installation, NB&S welded up the rim and cut a ring groove to add an additional seal on the rim of the cover. The cooling tower cover has not developed a leak in the last 3 years. Another problem solved by the engineers and machinists at NB&S!

Cooling Tower Cover Repair - Nelson Brothers & Strom

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